Global Short Film Awards 2017 Winners
Congratulations to the 2017 WINNING FILMS

Best 3-D Film: Last Day of War
Best Action Film: Asphyxia
Best Animation: The Vast Landscape
Best Beauty Film: Efímera
Best Comedy Film: Must Escape
Best Dance Film: Platform 13
Best Drama Film: Save
Best Fantasy Film: Mr Dentonn
Best Fashion Film: Bunny
Best Music Film: Crude Furie
Best Nature Film: Zion
Best Romance Film: Hugo
Best Sci-Fi Film: A Shadow of Dara
Best Social Concern Film: Mother
Best Special Effects: Light Sight
Best Travel Film: Redwood
Best Young Talent: Grace Wethor, ClockMaker
Festival Director’s Choice: ClockMaker

Circle of Beautiful People partners with the Global Short Film AwardsMedia Partner: Collezioni Haute Couture, Collezioni Donna, Collezioni Sposa