Global Short Film Awards 2022


Global Short Film Awards 2022 Winners

Best Director: Shahid Kamal, Cinnamon
Best Film: Cinnamon

Best 3-D Film: Zero Atmospheres
Best Cinematography: Lemo
Best Comedy Film: Take the Chocolate
Best Dance Film: Blue Delusion
Best Drama Film: Let Life Happen
Best Environmental, Green & Sustainability Film: Watch the Feet
Best Mobile Phone Cinema Film: Scavenger
Best Music Film: Grounded
Best Nature Film: The Ravens of Verdugo
Best Romance Film: Bereaved
Best Social Concern Film: Don’t Cry
Best Travel Film: The Majestic Adventures of Ofelia de Souza
Best Visual Effects: Time Will Tell
Best Actor: David Sandercock, Cinnamon
Best Actress: Nazanin Keyvani, 12 O’Clock

Les Femmes (Dance)
Soulmates by Gemeaux (Fashion)
The Story of a GOTS Seed (Animation)
Fork is Tree (Drama)
Forbidden Birth (Social Concerns)
Ode to the Climate (Environmental, Green and Sustainability)
The Missing (Social Concerns)
George Floyd: Say Their Names (Social Concerns, Music)

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