Global Short Film Awards 2020

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winning films at the Cannes Film Festival

Best Film: Jack and Anna
Best Director: Liudmila Komrakova, The Return
Best Action Film: Koan
Best Animated Film: The Sandman
Best Choreography: The Stop
Best Cinematography: Tombstone Pillow
Best Comedy Film: Charlie – Someone’s In There
Best Costume Design: The Sycamore Gap
Best Dance Film: The Return
Best Drama Film: Jack and Anna
Best Editing: The Stop
Best Nature Film: Montenegro
Best Production Design: Jack and Anna
Best Romance Film: Silent Ways
Best Science Fiction Film: Metaphor
Best Screenplay: Tombstone Pillow
Best Social Concern Film: Leon
Best Sound Design: Voice
Best Story: Dreams
Best Travel Film: Red Glory
Best Visual Effects: D.A.P. Dentro Altri Posti (Inside Other Places)
Festival Director’s Choice: L.A.F.S. (Love at First Sight)
Best Actor: Davide Francato, D.A.P. Dentro Altri Posti (Inside Other Places)
Best Actress: Georgia Palmucci, Pansy (Viola del Pensiero)
Best Young Talent: Dilip Selvaraj, Dreams

Best Mobile Cinema: Dandelion
Mobile Cinema Top Finalists:Symphony, Still Lifes, Beneath a Blue Sky

All the 2020 Mobile Cinema Winners and Awards

Outstanding Screenwriter, Writer & Journalist: Anna Rita Santoro
Fellini: Dreams and Reality – A Psychographic Profile