2020 Mobile Phone Filmmaking

Dandelion - Global Short Film Awards 2020 Best Mobile Cinema Still Lifes Symphony

Global Short Film Awards:  Andres Aquino, Founder and Director
Mobile Phone Filmmaking: Prof. Karl Bardosh, Artistic Director

60 films were selected as FINALISTS from 10 countries:
India, China, USA, Hungary, Russia, France, Latvia, Macedonia, Cyprus, Singapore

Prof. Karl Bardosh, President (USA)
Sandeep Marwah, Co-President (India)
Mark Berry, Co-President (Canada)
Yuanyuan Chen, Member (China)
Lilia Slavova, Member (USA)
Christina Chang (Canada)
Alee Quintanilla (Mexico)


BEST FILM:  Dandelion by Nathalie Boyer and Antonio Maria Da Silva (France)

Second Runner Up: Symphony by Olga Melnikova (Latvia)

Third Runner Up: Still Lifes by Jamie Uy (USA/Singapore) and Beneath a Blue Sky by Judith Lynn Stillman (USA)

15 Finalists Selected by the Jury

Follower by Yuchen Deng
Wandering Through Stillness
by Deepa Somasekhara Pillai
Killing Time
by Cera Soma
With You by Izabella Mazzag
by Dr. Miklos Szazados
by De Re Attila Luigi
by Abel Szazados
Silence is Deadly by Brice Veneziano
Dear Kansas City
by Grace Lattan
Red Armband
by Xinzhi Chen
Lively Stream by Ferenc Kriska
Corona Circles
by Daniel Csakvari
A Turtle’s Dream
by Olga Melnikova
by Erica Kim
Tied: Keeping Up with Covid-19 by Jin Yan, Come Back to Me by Vineesha Arora-Sarin and Stranger’s Letters by Yi Wang

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