Amazon Screens Film Shot in Graveyard Where 6,000 People Live

12 Minute Film Was Shot With Female and Male Co-Directors 7,200 Miles Apart

Tombstone Pillow is a short film shot in a graveyard in the Philippines where 6,000 people literally sleep on gravestones, with tombstones for pillows – hence the title. After a hugely successful film festival run, the mostly English language film that takes on socially relevant subjects like wealth inequality and the right to food and shelter for all, has now been accepted by Amazon for broadcast by the streaming giant through Bounty Films. 

The film was directed by Dreamteam Directors, Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir, while Bayou was at home in Hollywood and Daniel was in the graveyard in Manila. As a female director and mother of a young boy, Bayou had to struggle with time differences meaning she was awake until 7 am many mornings, dealing with actors and crew on the other side of the planet.

Due to the heartbreaking subject of this narrative short film, as well as it being selected from fierce competition to both Oscar and BAFTA qualifying film festivals, it’s also been an award-winner at prestigious competitions such as the Global Short Film Awards (where it earned the 2020 awards for Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography and was included in the GSF Awards Cinando offerings), and is currently a Finalist in competitions in Venice, NY and Hollywood. 

The film, which follows a wealthy widow (Lou Baron) helped to flee an angry mob by a poor graveyard girl (Kendra De Mesa) who teaches her what has real value in life, was shot and produced by the same team who made Birdshot, the Oscar entry for The Philippines in 2018. 

To get a glimpse of how Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir co-directed 7,000 miles apart, click here:

Actress Kendra De Mesa with Tombstone Pillow Co-Director Daniel Lir.

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