Global Short Film Awards Gala Returns to Cannes

The seventh annual Global Short Film Awards Gala will be held at the JW Marriott in Cannes, France on 20 May 2022. Held concurrently with the Cannes Film Festival, the festive black-tie evening features awards presentations, fashion shows, films in 3-D, red carpet, champagne reception, dinner and entertainment. The event includes participation by beautiful fashion models from around the world as well as attendance by VIP guests, film industry professionals and international press.

The Global Short Film Awards Gala, Cannes, France
The Global Short Film Awards Gala, Cannes, France

The 2022 winning films are:

Best 3-D Film: Zero Atmospheres (Italy)
Best Cinematography: Lemo (Bhutan)
Best Comedy Film: Take the Chocolate (U.K.)
Best Dance Film: Blue Delusion (China)
Best Drama Film: Let Life Happen (USA)
Best Environmental, Green & Sustainability Film: Watch the Feet (USA)
Best Mobile Phone Cinema Film: Scavenger (USA)
Best Music Film: Grounded (Australia)
Best Nature Film: The Ravens of Verdugo (USA)
Best Romance Film: Bereaved (Australia)
Best Social Concern Film: Don’t Cry (U.K.)
Best Travel Film: The Majestic Adventures of Ofelia de Souza (Portugal)
Best Visual Effects: Time Will Tell (Taiwan)
Best Actor: David Sandercock, Cinnamon (U.K.)
Best Actress: Nazanin Keyvani, 12 O’Clock (Iran)

Best Director and Best Film will be announced at the GSF Awards Gala.

The emcee for the evening is actress and rising star Erika Stasiuleviciute. Makeup and hair styling for the fashion show will be done by the award-winning Eli Hair Agency team from Italy. Keeping the audience on their feet will be DJ Jennefire.

For 2022, The Global Short Film Awards is pleased to collaborate with Qoobex, Inc. on a special 3-D technology conference series, May 17-20 at the OKKO Hotel in Cannes. Presented by experts in this exciting growing field, topics will include Film Animation, NFTs, Advertising, Real Estate and Tourism, and Gaming Technology. The four-day program will end with the GSF Awards Gala at the JW Marriott. For more information on the 3-D technology conference series, please email [email protected]

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The Global Short Film Awards Festival was founded by New York-based producer, designer and entrepreneur Andres Aquino.

Acclaimed Soprano Nicola Said Sings at the Global Short Film Awards Cannes Film Festival 2021

Maltese Soprano Nicola Said recently delivered an electrifying performance at the Global Short Film (GSF) Awards Gala during the prestigious international Cannes Film Festival 2021.  The festive gala event was organized by entrepreneur, producer and fashion designer Andres Aquino and held at the luxurious Villa Forbes (Villa Elegance) in Cannes, France.

Soprano Nicola Said and Global Short Film Awards founder and director Andres Aquino
Nicola with Producer, Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer Andres Aquino.

Nicola performed Je Veux Vivre from the French opera Romeo et Juliette by Charles Gounod and Quando Me’n Vo from Puccini’s 1896 opera La Bohème.  Both were specifically chosen to accompany the theme of life and love, and beauty and love. Also performing at the event was world-renowned violinist, Edmond Fokker van Crayestein.  Nicola sang in front of a number of distinguished guests from the entertainment world, including Dr. Olympia Gellini, founder and president of the Family Film Awards, The American World Film Awards, Olympia Awards City Of Lights and member of the GSF Awards jury; Karl Bardosh, New York University associate professor, screenwriter, director, producer, pioneer in the field of mobile phone cinema, and member of the GSF Awards jury; and award-winning actor and producer, Vincent De Paul.

Nicola Said and Emmy Award-winning actor Vincent De Paul.
Nicola Said and Emmy Award-winning actor Vincent De Paul.

Nicola was first introduced to producer and designer Andres Aquino by award-winning Hollywood composer William Camilleri, and then asked to sing at this prestigious event held to coincide with the iconic Cannes Film Festival. “Nicola, you came, you sang and you conquered Cannes, transporting us to a magical and delightful world where you rule with your powerful voice,” said GSF Awards Founder and Director Andres Aquino, adding ” …I am looking forward to seeing you at our next event in New York.”

Soprano Nicola Said with world-renowned violinist Edmond Fokker van Crayestein
Soprano Nicola Said with world-renowned violinist Edmond Fokker van Crayestein

In a nod to her Maltese heritage, Nicola wore a stunning gown generously sponsored by top Maltese designers Charles & Ron, while her travel was supported by the Malta International Airport. Upon her return from Cannes, Nicola said “taking part was an amazing experience. I met fantastic people in the entertainment industry and have just been invited to sing at Couture Fashion Week New York!”

Nicola is the Malta Airport Foundation Ambassador and a Joseph Calleja BOV Foundation Scholar. She has been supported by the DrakeCalleja Trust, Janatha Stubbs Foundation, and the Ian Tomlin Scholarship. She is a graduate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama Opera Course, for which she was granted a full scholarship.

Nicola, who is represented by The Music Partnership, has given recitals for HRH The Earl of Wessex at an event presented by the Duke of Edinburgh, at St. James’s Palace and Kensington Palace in the UK. She won Second Prize in the Strauss Competition at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and First Prize and Audience Prize for the Fulham Opera Robert Presley Memorial 2017.

Aside from Malta and the UK, Nicola has performed internationally, including in France, Italy, USA, Cyprus, Germany, China, Poland, Hungary and other countries. She is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Malta.

Visit Nicola Said on her website, Facebook or Instagram.

‘Matty Boy’ Named Best Drama Comedy at Global Short Film Awards

The delightful short film Matty Boy was named the Best Drama Comedy Film at the 2021 Global Short Film Awards. The announcement was made by the GSF Awards founder and director Andres Aquino during the prestigious event’s 6th annual awards gala in Cannes, France.

“Matty Boy” named Best Drama Comedy Film at the 2021 Global Short Film Awards in Cannes, France.

Matty Boy has won 134 awards to date at international film festivals including Rome International Movie Awards, Oniros Film Awards, Hollywood Gold Awards, Across The Globe Film Festival, New York Movie Awards, Cult Valley Global Cinefest, Wales Film Festival, Onyko Film Awards, Istanbul Film Awards, New York Cinematography Awards, Cooper Awards, French Riviera Film Festival, Gona Film Awards, Los Angeles Film Awards, and more.

Matty Boy is about a highly suggestible man who mistakenly marries a second wife, thinking that his first wife is about to die. But he then realizes that his first wife has been given a misdiagnosis and his second wife doesn’t want to leave. He then has to face the consequences of having two wives on a journey which takes him on a twisting and turning comic roller coaster of a ride beyond anything he could have ever imagined.

Matty Boy was co-written and directed by Dr. Shahid Kamal (Cinnamon, Take the Chocolate) and co-written and produced by Dr. Samir Srivastava from the UK, and stars double Emmy award-winning actor Vincent De Paul (Poseidon, Hitch, Hairspray).

Visit the film on Instagram and Facebook.

Rising Star Sia to Be Featured at the Global Short Film Awards Gala in Cannes

Rising Star Sia to Be Featured at the Global Short Film Awards Gala in Cannes

Sia is a young aspiring dancer, actress and model with a brilliant future ahead of her. Sia will appear in the Global Short Film Awards Gala in Cannes, France on 12 July 2021 as a model for fashion designer Andres Aquino. She will also be seen on the world-famous red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. Sia is looking forward to the tremendous opportunity in participating in these exciting events in Cannes.

Currently a high school sophomore in the USA, Sia is the daughter of immigrant parents; her dad is an IT professional and her mom is a photographer and social worker. Sia has a keen interest in fashion, acting and dance, and has participated in various pageants, competitions and acting workshops in both the USA and India. She is currently studying kathak (Indian classical dance), and is fluent in English, Gujrati and Hindi. Sia is vice president of her high school fashion club, and participates in various cultural, academic, social and volunteer services.

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Latest Film from Designer and Humanitarian Anjali Phougat Calls for Kindness and Inclusivity

Fashion designer and humanitarian Anjali Phougat’s latest short film is all about kindness and inclusivity of every kind of person. Inclusion Through Unity is conceptualized by Anjali and Natasha-Vincent Gay.  The 2021 Global Short Film Awards has named the film Best Short Shot, and it will be screened during the GSF Awards Gala in Cannes, France on 12 July 2021. Tickets to the gala are available at

Inclusion Through Unity

“As a founder of fashion house Designerdreamcollection, I enjoy being creative and my brand supports inclusion,” says Anjali. “I also want to make short films about how we can change the world through unity, kindness and inclusivity.” For the film, Anjali collaborated with Natasha Vincent-Gay, a highly creative influencer and published gender fluid model. Other key members of the film project are Alex Rogers (direction and cinematography), Caroline O’Brien (photography and choreography) with makeup and hair by Arunita Ghosh, Imani and Lina lelli. The film stars Reshá Sukoshi, Clare Winkler, Natasha-Vincent Gay, Mounika Siriguppi (Miss South Asia World 2020), and Anjali herself. Anjali also designed the jewelry used in the film, as well as a gown for Mounika.

Inclusion Through Unity gives a message to celebrate every culture with love and support. It also promotes gender equality, inclusion and diversity.

Anjali was not nervous facing the camera, in fact she is quite comfortable. “Being a fashion designer and chat show host, I have lots of experience performing in front of the camera. The first time I faced the camera was at the age of 16 for various fashion shows and I also did fashion shoots for multiple big brands,” she adds with a smile. As a designer, show has shown her luxury fashion and jewelry designs at prestigious events including Couture Fashion Week New York.

Amazon Screens Film Shot in Graveyard Where 6,000 People Live

12 Minute Film Was Shot With Female and Male Co-Directors 7,200 Miles Apart

Tombstone Pillow is a short film shot in a graveyard in the Philippines where 6,000 people literally sleep on gravestones, with tombstones for pillows – hence the title. After a hugely successful film festival run, the mostly English language film that takes on socially relevant subjects like wealth inequality and the right to food and shelter for all, has now been accepted by Amazon for broadcast by the streaming giant through Bounty Films. 

The film was directed by Dreamteam Directors, Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir, while Bayou was at home in Hollywood and Daniel was in the graveyard in Manila. As a female director and mother of a young boy, Bayou had to struggle with time differences meaning she was awake until 7 am many mornings, dealing with actors and crew on the other side of the planet.

Due to the heartbreaking subject of this narrative short film, as well as it being selected from fierce competition to both Oscar and BAFTA qualifying film festivals, it’s also been an award-winner at prestigious competitions such as the Global Short Film Awards (where it earned the 2020 awards for Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography and was included in the GSF Awards Cinando offerings), and is currently a Finalist in competitions in Venice, NY and Hollywood. 

The film, which follows a wealthy widow (Lou Baron) helped to flee an angry mob by a poor graveyard girl (Kendra De Mesa) who teaches her what has real value in life, was shot and produced by the same team who made Birdshot, the Oscar entry for The Philippines in 2018. 

To get a glimpse of how Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir co-directed 7,000 miles apart, click here:

Actress Kendra De Mesa with Tombstone Pillow Co-Director Daniel Lir.

To watch the Tombstone Pillow trailer, click here:

To learn more about Dream Team Directors inspiring work, please visit

Kapriva Couture to Show Edgy Elegant Creations at GSF Awards Cannes Gala

Kapriva Couture fashion show at the Global Short Film Awards gala in Cannes, France

Kapriva Couture will present selections from its latest couture gown collection during the Cannes Global Short Film Awards Gala and Luxury Fashion Shows on May 25, 2019. Part of the fourth annual edition of the prestigious event, the gala will be held at the iconic Intercontinental Carlton Cannes in Cannes, France.

The Kapriva Brand is about edgy, sophisticated, risqué and elegant creations inspired by art and design from all over the world. Their exclusive luxury designer clothing is made and designed in the UK, using the finest materials sourced worldwide. Each piece is designed with inspiration from art and design from global genres, using a combination of unique embellishments and custom-designed hand embroidery, as well as Swarovski element crystals and pearls. Kapriva has a couture range, providing exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces, as well as limited edition collections. Kapriva also offers a couture design service, for those who want a unique piece, made and designed for them. Kapriva has designed bespoke pieces for various events and occasions for individual clients and stage shows and musicians in Los Angeles, including famed burlesque entertainer Vixen DeVille.

The Global Short Film Awards Gala and Fashion Shows is proud to partner with Couture Fashion Week New York and Collezioni Magazines.

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George + Ginger to Show Latest Fashions at Global Short Film Awards Cannes Gala

George + Ginger fashion show at the Global Short Film Awards gala in Cannes, France

Innovative fashion brand George + Ginger will present a selection of its most recent designs during the Cannes Global Short Film Awards Gala and Luxury Fashion Shows event on May 25, 2019. Part of the fourth annual edition of the prestigious event, the gala will be held at the iconic Intercontinental Carlton Cannes in Cannes, France.

Kristi Fitzpatrick started George + Ginger Pattern Co. in 2015, based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. With a degree in Drafting and Design, she began drafting PDF sewing patterns and marketing them worldwide. She shares her passion for design with her customers and engages with them daily. The brand is active on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Reddit.

Along with designing patterns, Kristi works closely with fabric designers and promotes custom lines. As her custom designs evolved, she expanded the George + Ginger label and became involved with Fashion Week shows in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and London. Her designs feature fitted garments, complimented by draped, flowy fabrics. She focuses on designs that are conceivable on all body types and sizes.

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Marcello Costa to be Honored at GSF Awards Gala in Cannes for Outstanding Hair and Makeup Design in Fashion and Film

Celebrity Makeup and Hair Artist Marcello CostaBrazilian-born New York-based celebrity hair and makeup artist Marcello Costa will be honored at the Global Short Film Awards Gala on May 19, 2018 at the Intercontinental Carlton Cannes, in Cannes, France.

Marcello Costa’s name and work is associated with many prestigious events including the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, Tony Awards, Golden Globe Awards and the Cannes Film Festival. His creative work can be seen on many top fashion week runways, from Milan to New York and Paris, as well as at Couture Fashion Week New York. He has worked with major fashion brands including Dolce & Gabanna, Cavalli, Versace, Armani, Tom Ford, Moschino, Victoria’s Secert and Andres Aquino.

In the entertainment world, Mr. Costa has worked with such celebrities as Priyanka Chopra, Stevie Wonder, Angela Basset, Terri McMillan, Oprah Winfrey, Alfred Woodard, Brandy,  Coco, Queen Latifah, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Alicia Keyes and Mariah Carey. His work has been featured in major publications such as Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, O Magazine, Chinese Femina, Essence Magazine and others.

Marcello Costa’s film and television credits include Shine, Saint Joseph, Other Minds, The Mustard Seeds, The Light Watcher, Ebenezer, White Collar, Orange is the New Black, Jerseylicious, Mob Wives, Running Russell Simmons and more.

“Marcello is a very creative artist always in search of new beauty heights and expressions”, says GSF Awards Festival Director and Founder Andres Aquino.

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Singer and Actor Franc D’Ambrosio to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at GSF Awards in Cannes

Award-winning singer and actor Franc D'AmbrosioGlobal Short Film Awards Festival director Andres Aquino is delighted to announce that actor and philanthropist Franc D’Ambrosio (star of Broadway’s Phantom of the Opera, The Godfather III, more) will receive a special Lifetime Achievement award during the GSF Awards Gala at the Intercontinental Carlton, Cannes, France on Saturday May 19, 2018.

Franc D’Ambrosio was selected from some 2,000 candidates for his role as the adult Anthony Corleone in The Godfather III, directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The Academy Award-winning film also starred Al Pacino, Andy Garcia and Diane Keaton among others. The YouTube video of Mr. D’Ambrosio’s musical performance in the film has garnered over 1.6 million views.

In music Franc D’Ambrosio is best known for his impressive portrayal in the title role of the Phantom in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Tony Award-winning musical, The Phantom Of The Opera. Mr. D’Ambrosio is “The World’s Longest-Running Phantom” with more than 2,600 performances.

His distinguished career also includes an Academy Award-nominated film, an Emmy Award-nominated television show, a four-time Tony-nominated Broadway show, two Grammy considerations and a National Theatre Award nomination. He is a painter and philanthropist.

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